From Die Casting to Investment Casting to Sand Castings, LIS Enterprises works with many die casters to find the perfect factory for your casting project. Our factories can produce in Brass, Zinc, Stainless Steel, Aluminum, Bronze, and a variety of other materials. Due to our long-term relationships with these factories, we are able to obtain reduced pricing for dies and molds, enabling you to get started at a fraction of the cost than you may be used to. We also provide plating and polishing, assembly services, and custom packaging to deliver you a turnkey product.

Stainless Steel Investment Casting – Tanker Truck Fluid Cap
Aluminum Die Casting – Compressor Covers
Aluminum Die Casting – Starter Motor Covers for Industrial Automotive
Zinc Die Casting - Kitchen Cabinet Hardware
Zinc Die Casting – Kitchen Cabinet Hardware
Aluminum Die Casting – Connecting Rod for Compressors
Steel Casting – Large Gears
Aluminum Die Casting – Handle for Industrial Refrigerator
Stainless Steel Investment Casting – Shaft with Splining for Valves
Aluminum Permanent Mold Casting – Rail System for Tow Trucks