Plastic Parts

Our 25 year relationship with our plastics factories will help you to feel comfortable selecting us for your next project. Our capabilities include Injection Molding, Extruding, Rotational and Blow Molding. Additional services include assembly, custom printing and packaging, and kitting of parts. Our injection molding machines range from 1.5 to 70 ounces, and we can produce well over 10 tons per day. Through our network of material distributors, we can procure thousands of different types of materials, from standard materials such as Nylon, POM, PVC, and ABS to brand name materials by companies like DuPont and Amoco.

Impact PVC Injection Molding – Electrical parts
HDPE Injection Molding – Hot tub jet removal key
Phalates free PVC Injection Molding – Toy car track parts
Nylon Injection Molding – Electrical parts
Nylon 6/6 injection molding – Wheel for commercial refrigerator